About Us

Coast Capital Management, LLC, is a fee-only finacial planning and investment management firm.  We are registered with the State of Washington and the Securities Exchange Commission as an investment advisor.  We provide our clients with comprehensive financial planning services and, where desired, with portfolio management services.

What drives us
We believe that the complexity of our modern world necessarily means that many of our client's financial planning decisions will have impact on man
y facets of their lives.  In order for people to wisely use their limited resources, it is therefore important to understand these complexities and make decisions in light of the sometimes unexpected impact those decisions will have on all aspects of their lives in order to best assure they can achieve those things that are most important to them.  We believe that our clients are best served by advice that is unbiased by a sales agenda, backed by superior knowledge, and enhanced through our acknowledged fiduciary responsibility.

Rob Bjur, CFP(R), CFC, CWA